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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Alien and UFO Sightings. They ARE Real. The Vatican Says So.

Like I had once stated before on a post here at ParanorMel, I do believe that there is intelligent life other than ourselves out in the universe. And that to think otherwise, personally is absurd and rather egotistical of us as a human species.

To read the post, and view the videos within it, please click on More Stars, ET, And Creationists, Oh My!.

Now the Vatican has stepped up and have made a major announcement. That there REALLY are aliens from other planets, and that they are not just conjured up stories of crazies and those with mental illness.

Monsignor Corrado Balducci has stated that indeed UFO's are NOT a figment of people's imaginations. And that contact with Extraterrestrials should NOT be considered "demonic" and that these encounters should be 'carefully' studied.

To read the article, CLICK HERE.

Not that I feel that I "need" the Vatican's "permission" to believe, or not to believe, but I am actually GLAD that a church group that I am no longer a member of or have "faith" in (more for it's "rules" and views on topics, not the people themselves who are in the congregation) has stood up and had the "balls" to actually ADMIT that they recognize that there IS life out in the universe among us, and that we are not "alone" in the galaxies.

Do I believe in alien abductions? Not really. But I do believe that they come to our world and study us from above. And one time on the way home to our old place out in the country, as my husband was driving down a dark, windy road that we have traveled countless times before that night, I had seen an "unusual looking" aircraft.

This "aircraft" had some strange lighting on it, unlike the lights of a basic commercial or private plane. And the way it maneuvered was extremely odd. It wasn't staying straight. It kind of jetted to a side and back in to it's original place. Then, like it had a jet pack on its back, took off.

To this day, I still cannot for certain say that it was an ordinary, everyday airplane. I saw "something" flying over the farm fields that night. And I firmly feel that it was alien in origin.

What are your thoughts on UFO's, aliens, abductions and life on other planets (both within and outside of our galaxy)?


JIM said...

not sure if I would follow a UFO but I am following you

Jessica Penot said...

I love the Catholic Church. They acknowledge evolution and UFOs,,, wait, maybe that isn't a good thing.

Slidecutter said...

As a former, card-carrying, Catholic, I was raised to believe everything, question nothing, because the church "said it was so"; odd that the Vatican would step so far outside its rigid parameters and acknowledge UFO's. Actually, it's scary.

Oh, I still hold my beliefs and worship in my own way, just not in an organized religion, weekly donation envelope way.

Have seen (along with a friend) what might have been a UFO and it was similar to your sighting; low lights that hovered and took off at warp speed. No sound and nothing that could be passed-off as a weather balloon or other aircraft.

The Vatican and UFO studies....what next?

Dave said...

Haven't had any UFO sightings myself.

I wouldn't be so arrogant as to say that there is no intelligent life out there. I do struggle with these, though:

1) How would they have found us if they are here?

2) If they have the technology to get this far and actually reach us, we must be like a very primitive tribe to them.

I have to wonder why would bother sometimes, especially seeing us at our worst.

In the billions and billions of star systems and, most likely, planets out there, odds are that we are not unique.

But odds are also kind of against them finding us, I would think.

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