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Friday, August 13, 2010

Psychics and Mediums. Not all are real. Not all are fake. You be the judge.

Have you ever been to a Psychic for a reading? Were they accurate? Watch the following video and judge for yourself.

Many Psychics do "cold readings", where they ask simple questions that ask about say the color of hair or eyes, the deceased person's first letter of their name. Watch this video below and see how a 'Cold Reading' is done.

Some people that read this may very well get upset. But, a fraud is a fraud. Sure no self-proclaimed Psychic can be, or is completely right on the money 100% of the time. They after all, are still human.

But, to tell two scared, concerned, and grief-stricken parents that their son is dead, and can be found in the woods, 20 miles from their home, only to be found ALIVE is beyond reprehensible. Look at this for yourself...

After listening to these two videos, I kept on thinking to myself, why did Sylvia Browne HERSELF *not* go on Anderson Cooper and defend HERSELF?? Instead, she sent her Business Manager, Linda Rossi to defend her client.

In my *personal* opinion, if indeed Mrs. Browne is the legit Psychic that she claims that she is, she would have HERSELF, gone on to the news show and explained her flubs and her beliefs. Not leave it to some lady who lost it on air, in front of MILLIONS of viewers.

I'd love to hear YOUR thoughts on this subject.


Knitman said...

I think many people just do not understand mediumship. The video of Gordon Smith working does not show cold reading. It does show that the commentator is ignorant.
I often demonstrate with my back toward the audience with a volunteer helping me by answering for the recipient of the message. In this way I can neither see nor hear the person who is getting the message and therefore cannot possibly be cold reading. Atheists and psychologists have a vested interest in debunking us all. They do not have an open mind on the subject because if as mediumship suggests we all survive physical death and turns their whole belief system upside down. Having one's belief system turned upside down is extremely threatening to the sense of self and is therefore avoided and any attempt to do so is attacked vehemently.

Elk999us said...

I had a one-on-one reading with Sylvia Browne in Tacoma,Washington,in 1984.I found Browne to be haughty,imperialistic,and painfully regal.
Browne exuded a very negative energy.It was quite difficult to be near her.
I had gone to see her regarding the outcome of a very important legal matter..On that outcome,her prediction was correct..As it was a yes or no answer I sought,Browne,in my opinion,flipped a mental coin as the source of her response to my question..

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