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Monday, August 16, 2010

Phantom Calls

Actually, I wasn't planning on writing on this blog page today. But, something happened a while ago that I just HAD TO write it down.

It was eerie. But fascinating. It was shocking, but in a way, calming. It was even a tab bit funny. That is, after said shock wore off.

I'd been talking to my father, long distance this morning. Almost three thousand miles space us apart.

Nearing the end of our conversation, after he told me of something strange happening, concerning his coffee pot, we got to talking about a package he is supposed to send my kids. Mainly to the oldest of my three in the brood.

At one point, he said he was still looking for...and stammered a bit, trying to think of the word he was trying to say to describe what he was speaking of.

Suddenly, for one split second in time, I heard a voice that was NOT of a male, and was sounding off in the distance, like they were trying to yell, as to be heard. Clearly, it was a female tone.

It said, quite plainly, mind you, "DVD!", just as my father thought of the word and spoken it himself.

At first I was in shock and awe. Especially knowing that he had the experience he did this morning, concerning coffee missing from the pot, in which he knew before hand was there, until he went for the next cup of 'joe'.

No sooner that 'both of them' had spoken, I blurted out that my dad's voice DRASTICALLY changed to more of a female's tone. That's when it hit me, he was NOT talking. SHE was! It's as if she was trying to tell him what he meant, and trying to make me know that he was speaking of a DVD he wanted to find.

Never have I had a phantom call in my life. Nor have I ever had known of an ethereal listener, either. It was a tad unnerving, to say the least.

After experiencing this lady telling me what I was to be told before my dad could blurt it out for himself, I did a little digging.


Strange, huh? It was a bit exhilarating to have this happen. Surprising, none the least, of course. But filled with excitement to have happen as well.

And the voice was not sounding like it was right there with us. It sounded distanced, and like it had to practically yell to be heard. It wasn't angry or sad. Just letting me know that my dad was trying to get out 'DVD'.

Was it my deceased grandmother, who's ashes are on the way here to my home? Or could it maybe have been my mother? Though, the voice didn't sound like either of them, really.



Jessica Penot said...

I don't know much about phantom calls. Very interesting story. It sounds similar to EVP. Did the voice sound familiar to you?

Allen Richards said...

I read your post regarding "Phantom Calls". The link you provided was very useful. I learnt a new thing on how the ghosts or spirits make contact with the living ones. I will never wish to get a phone call from a ghost. Soooo Scary!

pr0udmom0f3 said...

Jessica, it didn't. But then again, it COULD have been someone that knew me from when I was small. I had some women family members pass when I was small, or not long before I came along. It was a bit calming even while unnerving. If you get my meaning.

Allen, I honestly wasn't scared. Just in shock and awe, more than anything. Especially when I realized it was not my dad's voice that changed, but a separate voice from his, and right before (as in a split second) before my dad said the EXACT same thing.

He was on a cordless, I was on a cell. And some friends think that a cordless call got crossed with our call..How would I be the only one to hear it on my CELL and he can't? And if it was crossed wires, how would the 'third party' know what my dad was trying to say, and then 'cut in' with the answer, as if to know I would hear them?

And that was the ONLY thing to hear was the woman saying 'DVD' to me.

The Rambler :) said...

Perhaps it was your mother, sounds like something couple do :). Perhaps her voice changed. This gave me chills to read :). Either way, I do find is funny though, haveing a "phantom" finish your dad's sentence :)

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