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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Guardian Angels

Many people, especially within the Christian belief system, believe in Guardian Angels. They are an 'assigned' angel that watches over the mortal person and is with them through good times and bad.

The definition from Wikipedia states, "A guardian angel is an angel assigned to protect and guide a particular person. Belief in guardian angels can be traced throughout all antiquity. The concept of tutelary angels and their hierarchy was extensively developed in Christianity in the 5th century by Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite.

The theology of angels and tutelary spirits has undergone many refinements since the 400s. Belief in both the East and the West is that guardian angels serve to protect whichever person God assigns them to, and present prayer to God on that person's behalf.".

Take for instance, you get in to an EXTREMELY horrific car accident. One where the vehicle is nothing but a pile of metal and large car parts. One where people should not have survived. But you walked away from what should have been your death trap, with what is considered either to be mild injury, or moderate injury.

Many people would say that you must have had a Guardian Angel watching over you.

Also, most who believe in these winged souls, they most of the time feel that their personal angel is someone that knew the person in life (be it the person the angel 'serves' knew that person in life, or not) and then decided (or was told by God) to watch over that loved one until they too were called home.

Over at Angel Believes, my BFF wrote about her Whirlwind Vacation.

Naturally, Angel (yes, people her REAL name is indeed Angel) had posted gobs of pictures. But one in particular especially had caught my eye. And even she told me on the phone, when I asked about it, that she did NOT notice it, until AFTER she put the pictures on to the computer.

The picture in question? Take a look below...

Look at it closely. What do you see? I want YOUR opinion.

Angel is thinking it's her hand, although she doesn't remember raising it to that extent. And to *me*, her arm and her hand seem to be laying relaxed, next to her body.

After further inspection, with the picture enlarged on my screen, to me, it looked like jagged edges of an Angel's wing, suspended out beside the little girl's shoulder.

Note too, the transparency of the 'wing', how you can actually see through it! To me, if that was a real person's arm or hand, the mass would appear more solid, even in quick motion.

Plus, the curvature of the top end of the "angel's wing" is to perfectly curved out. As are the edges at the bottom.

What is your take on this picture? Is it appearing to be a Guardian Angel showing it's self as to prove that they are with the little girl? Or, maybe, is this a "play on light"?

Do YOU believe in Guardian Angels?

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