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Thursday, August 26, 2010

3 AM Haunts

When speaking of 3 AM, I'm not speaking of the song from from the group Matchbox 20. Although, I do like the song.

But what I am talking about is how MANY hauntings seem to happen in that hour's time frame.

The get a better understanding about this THEORY, I suggest you read THIS.

Just a few nights (or should I say, early mornings?) ago, I had told my husband good-bye as he left to be at work for his 4-AM shift at the store. Normally on those mornings, I drift right back off to dreamland and am then up by seven.

But for some unknown reason, I was tossing and turning. This went on actually from the time I went to bed (which was 10:30 PM), until I got up for the day.

In the times that I fell back to sleep where you aren't in REM, but also not fully awake (I call it Sleep Limbo) I distinctly heard what sounded like foot steps through the upstairs. And even on the top portions of my staircase that leads down to the basement area (where my bedroom is).

This all started at around 3:45 in the morning, no sooner that my husband had left for his 10-minute trip to work.

Plus, I had even heard what sounded like the basement door opening and shutting in the five o'clock hour. No kids were up. Cats were not in the house. Husband was long gone to work. So, no explanation for the occurrence.

When I had gone to physically see if ANYONE was up, or if maybe my Brother-In-Law may have come in somehow, I found NO ONE. Not up. Not at the doors. Not sitting or even awake.

And all of my doors were locked.

It seemed that at least on this particular morning, in the three o'clock AM hour, there was a partier in the house. And this person enjoys crashing my sleep occasionally.

This is NOT the first time that something of this nature has happened to me.

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singedwingangel said...

3 am is referred to in several religious doctrines nad texts as the witching hour. It is the darkesthour of the night usually and is also called first watch of the dy in the bible. Not unusual at all for that to be normal activity for that hour

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