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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bobby Mackey's Music World Dance Hall...Gate to Hell?

I have seen documentaries on this place. And even an episode of Ghost Adventures, where Zak Bagans and crew not only went there and investigated once, but TWICE. And both times, people didn't come out of the dance hall/country nightclub unscathed in one way or another.

Bobby Mackey's Music World, which opened it's doors as such in 1978, sits in a little country town called Wilder, Kentucky. At one time in it's rich history it had served as the town's slaughter house. After the place was abandoned for many, many years, Bobby Mackey decided to purchase the old, run down building and it's land. He then turned it in to a place that was (supposed to be) fun and friendly, giving the community a place to hang out and have a good time.

But in it's heyday before Bobby took over, there was a suicide and murder on the property. And it's also been dubbed "the Gate to Hell".

In the following clip, you will hear from the FORMER employee of Bobby Mackey's and his shocking story of possession thanks to this place.

The laundry list of what has been known to those that enter the building is pretty extensive. In this clip, you get a taste of what has been known to go on, and some of the back story/history of the building....And something happens to Zak as he is talking with a building historian.

After their first taste with the demons, the GA Crew go back for another round. You get a little more of the past history, and see some eerie "coincidences". And will get a small peek at the original tape of the exorcism of the former employee, who was possessed by one of the resident demons.

As you can see here, the demonic paranormal is NOT a thing to "play around" with. It is real. It CAN hurt you. It can possibly even KILL you.

To this day, Bobby Mackey's Music World is open for business, serving up drinks, dance and paranormal activity.

Here is a video of Bobby singing "Johanna", which is the tale of the supposed ghost of the woman killed by her lover, with her head cut off and dropped down the well, which is the supposed "Gate to Hell".

Monday, May 9, 2011

Big Grandma's Story

My husband's Grandmother is lovingly known as "Big Grandma". No, not because she's "fluffy". But because she is a Great-Grandma. So when we tell the kids that we are going to HIS grandma's, we tell them we are going to "Big Grandma's", or as my son now lovingly calls her, his "elderly" Grandma (lol).

Yesterday, we went over to her place to give her our Mother's Day gift of a re-blooming lilac plant and the school pictures I'd promised her. We met up with my husband's parents there and my MIL got her new yard flag and her pictures of the kids as well.

As myself, Big Grandma and my in-law's were sitting around, talking, Big Grandma told us something that honestly, made my jaw drop. My MIL took more stock in it though than my FIL did, as I watched the expression on his face as BG told her amazing story.

Per her count, BG has now had two times of this experience happen to her. But in two separate locations of her house. Remember too, BG is 86 years old, that she is now a widow and lives independently and is for the most part, sharp as a tack.

Big Grandma usually doesn't go to sleep until the wee early hours of the morning of the next day. She is an avid bookworm. So, she will read a good while, then turn the TV to something and finally drift off to dreamland.

But apparently one night, as she was not really tired and by her account NOT asleep or dreaming, she witnessed something out of the ordinary. Especially to her.

Standing just a few feet from her, near the dining table, which sits in the spacious living room by it's large windows, stood a faceless woman in period dress, with a bonnet and long "house dress" from what sounded like the Pioneer days of the 1800's.

This faceless woman said nothing. Did not move or come towards BG. BG said she just stood there. And apparently was there for a good length of time before fading in to the thin night air before the old woman's very eyes.

A while later, as in sometime after the first appearance, this woman in period dress, who again was faceless, was spotted in BG's bedroom, as she laid in her room, trying to fall asleep for the night. Again, she was awake by her account. And she remembers exactly what the woman was like from the time before.

By what I understand, before the house was there, in which they've (her and Big Papa, before his passing earlier this year) lived in their home for a good 25 years, was nothing but pasture. And quite possibly a log cabin home (think Little House On The Prairie home) was there way before their home was placed upon its foundation. And this lady that BG witnessed coming to visit her was fitting in with the possibility of such a thing happening before her home was there.

By what I heard, shockingly of course, seeing as I never have seen, heard or even thought of Big Grandma being the "type" to believe in such things as ghosts, it sounds an awful lot like a residual haunting. Like whomever lived in that area of the land before is just trying to retrace the steps of a place that is no longer standing.

The lady figure never, in either instance spoke according to BG. Just stood there, "looking" at the frail lady with her faceless body, only to fade in to nothingness before her very eyes.

I'd love to figure out how to find more information about the land that the house currently stands upon. This could get QUITE interesting.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Satan & 666

Today, we will talk about Satan (known also as the devil) and the significance/meaning of the number 666. Some people worship him in a belief/cult aptly named Satanism.. They perform rituals in his name. They read a book called the Satanic Bible.

I personally, do *NOT* practice, nor do I affiliate with these philosophies, nor do I engage in practices of this religion/cult/belief system.

My reasoning as to writing in regards to this topic is to bring forth more understanding about Satan and of those who practice this belief system, and to enlighten those as to the significance to the number "666".

The devil (Satan) is considered to be a significant article of cryptology, religious belief, and one of the biggest pieces of Paranormal-related writings to be found. And honestly, I myself AM interested in the fallen angel's significance and history.

The following five-part documentary (via YouTube) is from 2006.

In part one (below), the people featured talk about the Jersey Devil.

Part two speaks of Demonology, Satanism and the "gateway to Hell".

Is the old saying, "the Devil made me do it" really more than JUST a 'saying', and can really be taken as a possibility that INDEED Satan can have THAT much power over a person?

A piece on Son of Sam and his psychology in regards to being a "Devil Worshiper" and in essence, went on a killing spree.

Satan's influence and can a human "find" the devil's presence?

Watch the following video about "666", also known as the mark of the Beast, and take from it what you will. It is for YOU, the viewer to decide. (Part 1 of 2. Please watch part 2 on YouTube, if you so choose.)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


They are a cultural icon. We here in America have gone crazy over them. We love our brain/flesh eaters with a passion.


They are defined as (according to Wikipedia) "A zombie (Haitian Creole: zonbi; North Mbundu: nzumbe) can be either a fictional undead monster or a person in an entranced state believed to be controlled by a bokor or wizard. These latter are the original zombies, occurring in the West African Vodun religion and its American offshoots Haitian Vodou and New Orleans Voodoo."

Over in Africa, they are not your run-of-the-mill, ghastly, brain-eating zombies. As a matter of fact, they look pretty much like you and I would while still considered as part of the living population.

This documentary is 70 min. long, and was made in 2005. They are in Haiti. But it gives a good ideology in regards to Zombies within the real world.

As for Hollywood, we have so many Zombie-based movies, it really isn't funny. It all started with the infamous George A. Romero and his "Night Of The Living Dead".

One of the newest "rages" with this subject comes to us from the television channel, American Movie Classics (also known as AMC). Last year, they pulled off the seemingly impossible. The comic book, "The Walking Dead" was brought to life in a new, original, "pushing-the-envelope" series with the comic's main title.

Here is a (graphic and verbally expletive) trailer for season one of the hit thrill ride of a show.

We went from human-looking zombies, to sub-human, brain-eating, disgusting-looking zombies, thanks to our generation of horror fanatics being thirsty for more blood and guts. Whereas those that truly believe in the lore of Zombies and who practice Voodoo have a more realistic take on the subject.

But their take on zombies isn't as fun to watch. *grin*
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