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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Satan & 666

Today, we will talk about Satan (known also as the devil) and the significance/meaning of the number 666. Some people worship him in a belief/cult aptly named Satanism.. They perform rituals in his name. They read a book called the Satanic Bible.

I personally, do *NOT* practice, nor do I affiliate with these philosophies, nor do I engage in practices of this religion/cult/belief system.

My reasoning as to writing in regards to this topic is to bring forth more understanding about Satan and of those who practice this belief system, and to enlighten those as to the significance to the number "666".

The devil (Satan) is considered to be a significant article of cryptology, religious belief, and one of the biggest pieces of Paranormal-related writings to be found. And honestly, I myself AM interested in the fallen angel's significance and history.

The following five-part documentary (via YouTube) is from 2006.

In part one (below), the people featured talk about the Jersey Devil.

Part two speaks of Demonology, Satanism and the "gateway to Hell".

Is the old saying, "the Devil made me do it" really more than JUST a 'saying', and can really be taken as a possibility that INDEED Satan can have THAT much power over a person?

A piece on Son of Sam and his psychology in regards to being a "Devil Worshiper" and in essence, went on a killing spree.

Satan's influence and can a human "find" the devil's presence?

Watch the following video about "666", also known as the mark of the Beast, and take from it what you will. It is for YOU, the viewer to decide. (Part 1 of 2. Please watch part 2 on YouTube, if you so choose.)


Slidecutter said...

Just got in and am going to take some time to watch the videos.

No hate mail, or otherwise negative comments from me; always appreciate what you share.

Mandy said...

Looking forward to watching these videos thank you! Will come back and comment when I do.

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