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Monday, May 9, 2011

Big Grandma's Story

My husband's Grandmother is lovingly known as "Big Grandma". No, not because she's "fluffy". But because she is a Great-Grandma. So when we tell the kids that we are going to HIS grandma's, we tell them we are going to "Big Grandma's", or as my son now lovingly calls her, his "elderly" Grandma (lol).

Yesterday, we went over to her place to give her our Mother's Day gift of a re-blooming lilac plant and the school pictures I'd promised her. We met up with my husband's parents there and my MIL got her new yard flag and her pictures of the kids as well.

As myself, Big Grandma and my in-law's were sitting around, talking, Big Grandma told us something that honestly, made my jaw drop. My MIL took more stock in it though than my FIL did, as I watched the expression on his face as BG told her amazing story.

Per her count, BG has now had two times of this experience happen to her. But in two separate locations of her house. Remember too, BG is 86 years old, that she is now a widow and lives independently and is for the most part, sharp as a tack.

Big Grandma usually doesn't go to sleep until the wee early hours of the morning of the next day. She is an avid bookworm. So, she will read a good while, then turn the TV to something and finally drift off to dreamland.

But apparently one night, as she was not really tired and by her account NOT asleep or dreaming, she witnessed something out of the ordinary. Especially to her.

Standing just a few feet from her, near the dining table, which sits in the spacious living room by it's large windows, stood a faceless woman in period dress, with a bonnet and long "house dress" from what sounded like the Pioneer days of the 1800's.

This faceless woman said nothing. Did not move or come towards BG. BG said she just stood there. And apparently was there for a good length of time before fading in to the thin night air before the old woman's very eyes.

A while later, as in sometime after the first appearance, this woman in period dress, who again was faceless, was spotted in BG's bedroom, as she laid in her room, trying to fall asleep for the night. Again, she was awake by her account. And she remembers exactly what the woman was like from the time before.

By what I understand, before the house was there, in which they've (her and Big Papa, before his passing earlier this year) lived in their home for a good 25 years, was nothing but pasture. And quite possibly a log cabin home (think Little House On The Prairie home) was there way before their home was placed upon its foundation. And this lady that BG witnessed coming to visit her was fitting in with the possibility of such a thing happening before her home was there.

By what I heard, shockingly of course, seeing as I never have seen, heard or even thought of Big Grandma being the "type" to believe in such things as ghosts, it sounds an awful lot like a residual haunting. Like whomever lived in that area of the land before is just trying to retrace the steps of a place that is no longer standing.

The lady figure never, in either instance spoke according to BG. Just stood there, "looking" at the frail lady with her faceless body, only to fade in to nothingness before her very eyes.

I'd love to figure out how to find more information about the land that the house currently stands upon. This could get QUITE interesting.


Slidecutter said...

To me, this was a visit from a gentle spirit; someone who visited to get a glimpse of their former home and maybe those they missed.

Investigate and let us all know what you find. Love this story!

Mandy said...

To me it sounds like a case of sleep paralysis. I've had it happen to me 3 times in my life. I felt that I was awake, but I could not move or talk, but I could see a black shadowy figure in the door way. I was terrified but unable to move. Finally it's as if you just snap out of it and you are able to move and the figure is gone. It is widely believe that people with alien abduction stories, may have in fact gone through some sleep paralysis. Ask BG if she was able to move at all during the episode, was she scared, and did she try to scream or talk and couldn't. Do some research on it, sleep paralysis. Very interesting, but scary as hell if it happens to you.

Missy (& various in Transplant blog) said...

She wasn't scared by what she said and all she did was look, and it was fading, I am thinking because she was "discovered". BG was going to ask what they wanted, but the woman was gone before she could say a word..It happened too fast for the poor lady.

Susan said...

There should be census information available either on line or through your local library. You might try the tax roles and see who owned the property 100 yrs ago. This should be public information. Has your Grandmother ever had any other experiences in the 25 yrs she has lived there?
You should sit down with her and ask her about her childhood experiences and family "secrets". I am sure she will be fountain of information. Don't loose this oppportunity. One day you will be glad you asked the questions.

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