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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Two Experiences & A Dream (Part I)

It's bad enough when you have your own REAL LIFE problems with having odd things happening within the walls of your home. But what about when they start to invade your dreams? Especially after two of your family members, yourself included, has occurrences in the same week, on different days?

The other morning, my oldest was up before myself and her siblings. Dad was already at work for his early morning shift at the store. The oldest has to be up by ten til seven to get ready for school.

On Wednesday, after I stepped in to the kitchen, she told me she had seen "someone" just a few minutes before I came up the stairs from the basement area, where my bedroom is.

I'd asked her to describe the person. She said that it was a male. No skin color noted to me yet (she's away with her bio-dad), and that he wore an "army suit" of camouflage. Depending on the actual colors of the suit, it may be military. Or it may be a hunter.

She said it only lasted a couple of seconds, and that she had seen him head on and he just looked at her, then vanished in to the air before her eyes.

I'd not told her, but I had an experience a couple days prior. But it was late afternoon and in the kitchen.

As I was minding my own business, and after shutting the fridge door, I had turned towards the stove. The blinds that cover the two kitchen windows were opened. One partially, which looks to the main street. The other, fully, and it looks to the neighbor next door.

Out of the corner of my right eye, I had a glimpse of what appeared to be someone gawking at me through the window facing the street. It was a shadow type head. No face to recognize. And when I'd turned to get a full view, the head darted back as if to not get caught.

I'd sensed it was a man. And if someone was to do that, then the LIVE person would have to do a "Spiderman" crawl up the side of my house and hang on for dear life to do what I had seen transpire.

It's just too strange. The two of us having these experiences like this can be a bit overwhelming. Emotionally. And psychologically.

But last night's dream I think sent me over the edge.

I'd gone to bed about midnight. One of those rare times that I wasn't THAT sleepy until then. I got in and nestled into the covers as usual and drifted off.

But then, everything went dark. A dark that I normally do not associate with. When I was finally able to get my eyes to adjust to the darkness before me, I felt the bitter cold of the air surrounding me.

It was at this point that I felt like I was in my own home. But not. It's as if I was in another realm. Another reality. Like an out-of-body type of thing was happening to me. Everything was so real.

That's when I felt the hand....

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