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Monday, April 25, 2011

You Be The Judge...

The following video is of a real Paranormal Investigation in the UK.

Orbs are very much debated about and in many cases, held as being just bugs and/or dust particles.

As for EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomenon, or electronic recordings of a spiritual being not heard in "real time", but only after playing back the recording), they are not always intelligible. Most are quite difficult to understand what is being said. Can you make out (at the end of this piece) what is being said?


Mandy said...

I could definitely see the orb trying to morph into a mist and back, pretty cool. But that EVP was pretty bad, it didn't sound like anything to me, sorry.

I'm on a paranormal investigative team in Maryland, here is our website if you want to take a look. Jim out leader has so excellent and extrememly clear Class A EVPs on the website. http://superspis.com/Home_Page.php

Look forward to your next post!

Jessica Penot said...

Very cool. I can definately make the orb out turning into a shape.

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