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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This Very Well *MAY BE* The Last Post For *This* Blog....

It's with a heavy heart that I say that. Because I have put MUCH time and energy in to that blog. I have never made it a "secret" of my belief in the Paranormal or of the things I have personally witnessed and/or experienced.

I've done pieces on various *reportedly and infamously* haunted places. Done writings on various Paranormal topics, and have openly discussed my own experiences or those of my husband and children.

ParanorMel is primarily centered around the topics of ghosts and hauntings. But I have been known to speak of other things such as UFOs and aliens.

Personally, I feel that I have done pretty much everything that I can to "attract" readers and readership. But alas obviously, to no avail.

So, I'm at a point now that if my efforts of piecing together posts on that blog (which CAN and HAVE been tedious to do, depending on need of information or media availability such as videos) are in so-called "vain" then I'm wondering why I'm doing it? It's most certainly not to hear myself talk (so to speak). But to educate others, let others think for themselves and have the opportunity to voice THEIR views and opinions without ridicule or being called nuts or crazy for their beliefs and what they themselves may have experienced within the Paranormal realm.

Honestly, I don't care if you (generally speaking) have a difference of opinion or view. As long as you state your difference in a manner of civility and respectfulness, then I say POST IT and be HEARD. I'm a big girl and I know that I will NEVER always "be right" or will always have people agree with what I see, think and feel about the subject. That's not how life works.

ParanorMel was started as a way to let others see that they are NOT alone in their quest for answers in the world of the "unknown" and as a way for me to document personal experiences of (primarily) myself and of my kids, whom have had experiences of one kind or another since toddler-hood.

I enjoy sharing the stories of experiences with my readers. But when you don't hear from anyone about 99% of the time about what you have written, it's (I feel) time to let it go and move on. And it saddens me that I have come to this point with that blog, seeing as I LOVE journaling there about the Paranormal.

But at what "price" to myself and MY TIME? I take time out of MY day to write posts, some of which CAN and have taken as much as 45 minutes to write, depending on the subject and what media content I wish to place in the piece. And to have my work subsequently 'ignored' 99% out of 100% of the time, to me is obscene and a proverbial "slap in the face" to me and my work.

My time could be better well spent, in all honesty. But I write for various reasons. And in ParanorMel, I write as to give others hope, reassurance, and to see what my "paranormal life" is like.

With that said, I feel that it may be time to "close up shop" over on that blog and call it a day. Thoughts?

***SIDE NOTE... This post is a *duplicate* I initially posted in The (Not Always) Happy Homemaker Diary.***


Slidecutter said...

I think this is a damn shame!

Personally, I've enjoyed your postings; don't always have a comment to make but, since I've been a Follower, I think I've tried. Your blog first attracted me because it was apart from the norm and I could relate to so many of your posts.

From where I'm sitting, I'd like you to stay but can understand how much work goes into all that you take the time to share with everyone.

Just know that I've appreciated your efforts, and enjoyed, your blog!


pr0udmom0f3 said...

You and maybe only ONE other "follower" have really taken the time to comment here. ..Wait, make that 3, Jessica.

And for that, from all three of you ladies deserve a HUGE *THANK YOOOOU!!*..And you are right, it is a damn (crying) shame.

I'll wait a day or two for (hopefully) more responses as to my *possible* break down of the blog. But the way it (normally) goes around here, I see it most highly likely happening by the weekend.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I have enjoyed your posts and I know I am not a frequent commenter. You have to do what you feel best for you.
If it's followers you are looking for then link to other type of paranormal or make it a FB blog. That seems to have helped several I know.

I will miss ya though.

Slidecutter said...

Sharing this "happening" from last week in my home; it doesn't rate up there with most para-experiences but I think you will appreciate it, while you're still here...

We built an addition on our home which houses our middle daughter, her hubby and two children; close, yet separate living quarters.

Got home from work one night, went into my house then ran over to my daughters, she and her two children were sitting quietly, reading. (That, in itself was scary!)

We were talking and heard heavy footsteps overhead from my house; I'm talking heavy and direct, walking across my breakfast nook. My daughters dogs both barked. We thought my hubby had come home early and my Grandson remarked that the back yard suddenly got dark.

I went back to my home but no one was there; front door was still locked, so were the back doors. Both my cats were sound asleep. Concerned, I checked all the rooms, closets, under beds and the attic...nothing. It had been raining miserably but there were no wet footprints...anywhere.

Twenty minutes later, my hubs came home, complaining that I had turned off the outside lights.

I hadn't; in fact, I made sure all the path lights and entrance lights were on when I came home and even flipped on the deck and backyard lighting which is controlled by a switch near the back door of our breakfast area. The storm we were having was severe and tree branches were falling from every direction; certainly didn't want my spouse walking in the darkness.

Had it just been me, hearing those footsteps, I might have blown it off. Four individuals all heard the exact same thing at the same time.

Have been thinking who, or why; footsteps were too heavy to have been a visit from my late mother. Chalked it up to someone just passing through or seeking shelter from the storm and who didn't need lights to guide their way.

Jessica Penot said...

I'm sorry to see you go. You've had lots of really good posts here. If you want to keep up the fight and are looking for followers,,, I found that when I first started if I posted every day I got followers more quickly something about google and how they list. Also using blog top sites and blog explosion helped me break through that lull when you just need to get your name out there.

Brenda said...

I'm sorry to see you go, as well. I do read through when I can; I don't have time to comment on everything. I know the enormous amount of time blogging takes, and posting anything to do with the paranormal is always subject to attack. So sorry.

Jessica; thanks for that great advice.

Anonymous said...

Don't leave, I just found you! Looking forward to what you write about in the future. I'm in Maryland, only a stone's throw away!

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