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Monday, March 14, 2011

The "I'm Okay" Sign That I Recieved Was "Unconventional" To Say The Least

As readers on my other two blogs (The (Not Always) Happy Homeaker Diary and The "Mental"-ist Mom) know, my husband's grandfather had passed away almost a week and a half ago.It was expected, but hard on us all, none the less.

About an hour before he passed away, my husband and I had made it to the house (where he died, as he requested) to say our final goodbye's and let him know that it would all be alright and to "just rest now". Within ten minutes of getting in the door of our home, after getting the kids from a friend's house who watched them while we went to him, we got "the call" that he had expired after suffering health-wise the last couple weeks.

After telling the kids that their great-grandfather passed away, and answering their questions, it was time for them to bed down for the night, seeing as they had school the following morning. Then, not long after, I decided I too needed to head off a bit earlier than normal for bed, being it was such a long, "strange-feeling" (as if I KNEW that death was going to be imminent and VERY soon, as did some other family members as well).

I'd gotten down stairs and hit on my main bedroom light, rounded my bed and touched my touch-lamp to go on to the middle setting. From there, I proceeded to ready myself (and the bed that was calling my name) to slumber.

Suddenly, the touch-lamp had ON ITS OWN, before my very eyes, went up to the high level setting. Never before did this "glitch" happen. Never. I couldn't find any reason for the lamp to turn it's self up of it's own volition. And myself and nothing else was close enough (or strong enough of touch/force) to make the lamp set its self.

Suddenly, like a natural reaction, out blurted from my lips, "Okay Papa, I got you. We are okay and thanks for the sign".

Yes indeed, I even surprised myself after the fact that I just so calmly stated what I had and that I (instinctively) knew that it was him, telling me he was okay. It's as if Big Papa wanted me to get the message (so to speak) as to put Scott (his grandson who he shared a VERY close bond with) seeing as Scott would "take my word for it".

Since that time, I haven't gotten any "feelings" of Big Papa hanging around. Be it here in my home, or at the home he shared with his wife of 62 years. I think that Big Papa is at peace, and happy. He has reunited with his youngest brother who passed in December, his parents and other family I'm sure he'd missed over the years.

But to get the "sign" from him (which yes, I truly believe it was Big Papa and not a malfunction of the lamp) felt wonderful. Made me realize that indeed he DID think of me and love me as one of his own.


Jen HaHA said...

Visiting from Comment Love Sunday. I'm glad you got to see your husband's grandpa before he passed away. I was in the hospital when my grandpa passed away and I saw my grandma take her last breaths. I will never forget that morning.

Adriane said...

Stopping by from comment love!

I'm so sorry to hear of the loss in your family, but how great that you were able to be there to say goodbyes in person, and then to get that special sign from him after. I'm sure it gives you a peace of mind that you wouldn't have had otherwise. Losing a loved one is never easy, but knowing that they're at peace and in a better place makes it a LITTLE less tough.

Adriane @ Every Mile A Memory

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