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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Take My *ADVICE* When It Comes To Dealing With "Gifted" Children.

Yesterday, I had posted about what happened at the Wendy's restaurant the other night in regards to my six-year-old daughter. To read it, CLICK HERE.

After reading a couple of the comments that others had posted and after talking to my stepmother, I decided to talk about how I handle the kids and their "gifts". I know that at least two of them "see" things. where as one (my oldest daughter who is eleven) primarily only hears things.

In the space of about the last six years, between two very different homes, one being out in the country, living in a single wide trailer that is as old as ME, and where we are living now, which is a brick home with a full, finished basement and a full attic, and is NOT sitting on it's original property site, many things have transpired paranormally speaking.

As most people who regularly read my blog know, my first experience with any kind of ghostly activity was at the age of eight. From there, it just took off. And for years, I never said anything to anyone. That is until my father told me of some "weird things" he had happen, starting after my mother's passing in 1989. But she too had some creepy stuff in that home in Fremont happen as well when she was alive.

Thanks to my knowledge and better understanding of why ghosts "hang around" and spirits make their presences known, I can honestly tell my three children I understand their fears and DO believe them when they say that they have heard something "walking", "being dragged", "being played with", "see someone".

Although, the number one thing I am STILL trying to make them realize (especially my son) is that we cannot tell EVERYONE who enters our home. Not even family. That there is a time and a place. And not everyone is accepting of what we believe and know, or experience.

When my youngest came up to me the other night, on her way to bed, she said that she'd seen a "little boy staring at me from the bathroom", which had its door ajar. She claimed that the boy was "peeking around the corner" of the door at her.

Her eyes were wide as silver dollars. I immediately told her that it's okay and that he won't hurt her. And I let her know I too have seen him before and that "he just wanted to see what you (as in her) were doing". Which of course was getting in to bed.

One of the primary things to remember if your child suddenly states that they "see someone" that you cannot see yourself is to NEVER "blow them off" or discount what they are telling you. The more you are willing to open yourself up to the *possibility* that indeed your child can see things that maybe you cannot, the better you can support and even help them understand what THEY are going through.

But you must also teach them proper timing with "blurting out" about having an experience. Like telling them to not tell LITTLE children, to pick the friends you WANT TO have know about their gift wisely (I'd lost many a friend thanks to telling those that just didn't understand or believe me...and instead believed I was a nutcase), and to do their best to self-discern what very well is a Paranormal experience and what may be the house settling.

There is good to come for your child who may possess this ability. I believe it builds self-confidence, builds their self-esteem, helps them to be more in tune with their bodies and minds, and it hones their intuitive skills.

But it will NOT happen unless you as their parent/guardian help them along the way in a positive direction. And when parents who are "afraid" of what their kids can do start telling the child it's just their imagination and get on them for "telling tales" is doing the child a great disservice to them as an individual and to the Psychic/Sensitive/Medium Community.

Many of us "Sensitives" get a bad wrap as it is, thanks to the TRUE FRAUDS (who shall remain nameless of who I think are shams). To basically call a child "too imaginative" or tell them to "stop imagining up such things" who can HONESTLY see/hear/feel things that are beyond the realm of flesh, blood and bone, it makes them less likely to want to use their gift for GOOD and to even want to maintain it.

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