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Monday, January 31, 2011

My Daughter Sees Dead People!

Last night was just really strange. We took the kids out to Wendy's to eat. And it was seemingly a "normal" evening out, for times that we go out, that is.

As we stood in line to get our order taken, Skyler, who is my youngest of three kids, at the cute age of six years old, said something that just completely took me by surprise.

"Mama is that man dead?" is what came out her mouth as she viewed a picture of the Wendy's franchise's Founder, Dave Thomas from the back hall, near the restrooms.

Of course, I answered that yes he was deceased. The she proceeded to ask me WHY he "die-ded".

This is NOT the first time that my child has shown me evidence of possessing a gift of "sensitivity" and "seeing". It has happened at the Cemetery where some of my husband's family is also buried.

The more I witness her being "drawn" to certain things like graves and pictures of dead people, the more I believe she is intuitive to another realm of being.

And I don't know how she does it, but many times in the Cemetery, she "hones in" on to grave sites that are of CHILDREN. She can barely read! How can she just "pick up" where to go?

Yes, I believe she has a gift that has been passed down from the females on my side through the generations. But her "intuitions" are clearly more prominent than mine have ever proven to be.


Stephanie said...

That is so fascinating. It will be interesting to see how her gift grows and develops as she gets older and more tuned in to it.

Nice to meet you!


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I lived in a house that both my husband and I saw people that were not here. We had a lot of paranormal experiences at that place. But what blew me away was when I was taking my niece to the beach and I drove back to my house after picking her up to grab a jacket. As we entered my (rental) home she grabbed my leg to be picked up and said, "I don't like those people who live with you" So I picked her up. No one lived with us. I held her until we got inside and she looked around the corner and said "okay" and would get down. I believe that even the child is not intuitive like your daughter that children can hone in to this with out prejudice or preconceived notions.

CityGirlChic said...

dropping by via FTLOB blog hop Monday and wanted to say this is an interesting post... never knew any children personally who see the dead but I've heard of them...

Slidecutter said...

Very interesting. Frankly, I feel it's a positive when children don't have a fear of those who have passed on; they are better able to come to terms with the realities of life and death.

Your little one definitely has a gift.


Brenda said...

I know that feeling quite well. I've always had that ability for as long as I can remember. I'm sure you'll instruct her well on how to control her abilities!


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