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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Sound In The Attic

I finally got a good listen to it myself. Eerie, to say the least.

As it so happens, I was in my girls' bedroom, where all three kids have been sleeping (seeing as my son's room has been ice cold, thanks to the Attic, which has the stairs leading to it within his room's access area) as to tuck them in for the night.

I'd already kissed and hugged the youngest and middle kids. As I was about to hug my oldest (who is eleven and still likes HUGS ONLY at bedtime) I'd heard it. It was a dragging/rolling sound above our heads. The attic sprawls the length of the house. And this was CLEARLY right above us on the East side of the home.

My oldest exclaimed "THIS is what we hear EVERY night, Mom! About every ten minutes something drags or rolls. It keeps us up sometimes."..

My husband has also heard noises from the attic of what sounds like a pencil being rolled back and forth while sitting alone, quietly in the living room.

Whatever is up there, it is being playful more than malicious or malevolent. Still though, even in the daytime, I cannot stand to go up there. At least not alone. No sooner do I get half way up the steep, narrow steps, do I feel a sense of someone not wanting me there. As if I am invading THEIR space and THEIR territory.

At least now, I have heard the noises for myself. Not that I had ever not believed my children, mind you. The kids aren't really scared. But they do get a bit agitated. I've told them to openly tell whomever is occupying my attic to keep it down and to let them go to sleep.

Has it worked to do that? I am thinking so, seeing as they have been sleeping better at night lately. But the noises still do happen between late evening and very early morning hours (before daylight).


Jessica Penot said...

Very Creepy! I would have my kids sleeping with me every night if they heard that noise, playful or not.

singedwingangel said...

Nothing like a noisy houseguest.. I hope they keep it down or maybe set times for them to act up like when the sun comes up lol

Slidecutter said...

Me? I'd have to haul my butt up into the attic; call it my need to know who, what and why.

Guess I've reached that point in my life that I'm not allowing any spirit to invade my space unless they follow house rules..then, and only then, can they stay.

TexaGermaNadian said...

ohhh, creepy! I can't tell you how much I love paranormal (cute title btw) like this. I am really going to enjoy following!
Thanks so much for linking up to the hop, I am really glad you did!! Have a great, and spooky weekend :)

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