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Monday, January 10, 2011

Haunt Around Monday! (blog hop)

Another week has started. What better way to kick it off on a Monday that to participate in the Magical Monday blog hop, courtesy of For The Love Of Blogs!

But before you run over there and see who all is participating, feel free to also ADD YOUR LINK HERE! But please limit the blog links to PARANORMAL blogs *only*. Thank you.

But, before you do...

please LEAVE A *GENUINE* COMMENT here on my page to show that you have read it. Not a copy/paste thing or a "I followed you/follow me back" comment... I am okay with people stating if they came from another blog hop and found me. But I don't play the "followed you/follow me back" game.

**If you cannot abide by that one simple rule for linking on my page, I wish for you to NOT link it at all, nor even leave a COMMENT on my page.**

Now, be sure that BEFORE you head over to..

...to add your link (below) in my link-up tool area! Have a great Monday, everyone.


Slidecutter said...

It's so refreshing to find a blog like yours; please regard this as a totally genuine comment!

Having experienced a few gentle "nudges" from the "other side" I will definitely make it a point to visit here often. Thanks to.... For the Love of Blogs for showing me the way!

pr0udmom0f3 said...

Slide, I indeed find your comment to certainly be "genuine". Thanks so kindly for stopping by. If you have a blog, I'd be MORE than happy to scope it out.

Jessica Penot said...

You know I love your blog! I hadn't heard of the Monday blog hop and like to find new blogs thanks for the link.

Carol And Stacy said...

I was excited when I saw your blog title! I've seen ghosts and spirits and had many a conversation with the other side. I would love to see more of this in the blogging world.
I have a saying on my bedroom door.
"Believing Is Seeing"
New follower.
~ Carol

Brenda said...

What a lovely idea! I'm late, and my blog ranges from funny to the paranormal. That said? Great idea and my doors are always open! So happy to have found you. ;)


Slidecutter said...

Hi again,

When you have time, you might find this post I put up last year...interesting! It was a quick recant of a few "unusual" experiences I felt worth sharing. Thanks for following...can't wait to read more from you!


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