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Monday, September 13, 2010

The Voice That Wasn't His.

Normally, I do no more than one post in the blog, per day that I decide to write. But being that this had happened last night, and it's not something that I normally have happen, I just *had to* write this down for my readers to read about...

Last night, I had heard, and even answered a voice. Whom I thought at the time was my husband speaking to me.

I thought it was my husband saying from the living room, "Hey! Come here a minute." as I stood two rooms away, washing a few dishes in the kitchen. When in fact, it was *NOT* my husband at all!

After finishing the dishes that I was working on, I had sat in the chair next to him as he sat here at the computer, and proceeded to ask him what he wanted, being he DID request for me to "come here", thinking he wanted to show me something.

He looked at me strange and then out-right told me he did *NOT* call for me in any way.

And I know it was *NOT* one of the kids. This was a MAN'S voice. An adult male. Not a child.

I told him that I knew for a FACT, I did *not* imagine what I heard. And it sounded (obviously) just like my husband calling for me.


After the incident, I just shook my head, and then proceeded to brush it off and continued with the rest of my evening.

That is, until I noticed out of my (bad) eye, what looked like a young man who was proceeding to climb my stairs.






One Cluttered Brain said...

Ohh Strange!
Yikes. i would have wet my pants..

Jessica Penot said...

Wow! I love those brief encounters with the paranormal. What a wonderful encounter!

singedwingangel said...

ok lmbo at the if you steal from me thing I just noticed and secondly ummm what would the ghost want with ya upstairs lol.. hmmm kinky spooks?? ok ok j/k ya know that right

The Crazy Baby Mama said...

this gives me goosebumps.

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