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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Animals..Do they live on after death?

It has been an on-going argument for years and years. And it is one filled with mystery and intrigue.

Can animals come back in spirit form? Do animals indeed, as people do, have a soul or an after-death, beyond-this-realm-living energy?

Many people, right off the bat will say no. But why not? God supposedly gave us souls, created us in His image and made it possible to live on in spirit-form after our earthly time was done. Why can the same *not* be said of our animal counterparts?

They breath, feel pain, mate, love others of their species (in some instances, mostly it's getting together to reproduce and ensure the species) and they die. Pretty much as we humans do! 

I have had many cats and a couple of dogs in my time so far. One cat that stands out the most is Tuffy, who meandered on to our porch when I was about six years old. She had apparently been abused, starved, and had her tail slammed in to a door. And she was a "teenager" when we first took her in.

When I was thirteen, and in the first Spring after my mother's passing in 1989, Tuffy had started having many 'bathroom problems'. After taking her to the vet myself via my BFF's mom, I had to make the heartbreaking choice to have Tuffy put down. She was in kidney and renal failure. I did it even though it killed me inside.

A few months later though, sometimes I would see, from the corner of my eye, a gray/white streak go by, or even hear closely what sounded like a meow of a cat. Just a nip type meow. Short and sweet. I often wondered if Tuffy came to visit the heart-broken child that felt horrible guilt over "killing her mom's cat".

Now within this home, once in a while, knowing all three of my kitties are outside, or even upstairs, I will catch a very quick glimpse of a black and white cat. Yes, I do indeed have one that fits the description and goes by "Shadow".

But most of the time, I see this 'cat' from the corner of my eye, as it comes off the landing of the stairs and meanders over to where the basement door is. Only, I hear not a single paw hitting the stairs, which are hallow and make noise as any of the cats (that are alive and kicking) come down those steps.

No sooner that I turn my head, the ghostly feline is not in my sight. And when I go over to the basement's foyer, there is no cat in sight!

This truly does lead me to believe, at least personally, that indeed, animals of all types, not just domesticated animals, have a soul, too. And they can be here in the spiritual form for reasons only known to them. For them, like us, death is not the end of the road. They too travel to another realm where their energy lives on beyond this life.

Take a gander at the following video. Keep an eye on the family's television set. Is this a capturing of a real 'ghost cat'? Or the wonderful (and misguided, as usual) use of today's camera technology to make people THINK that they are seeing a kitty in spirit form? YOU be the judge...


Travis said...

A lot of folks would choose to leave this comment anon, but I'm not going to. I was once taught that in order to have a soul (not to be confused with a spirit, which every living thing has) a being must be aware of death, and be aware that they could die. Humans are the only species on earth with that awareness. To answer the question that you posed, I do not believe that animals live on after death, and I don't believe they will be with us in heaven. It makes for a temporarily more upset child and maybe even adult, but in the long run it leads to more correct spiritual thinking.

pr0udmom0f3 said...

Thanks Travis for NOT leaving it as an 'anon' answer! I would feel less of giving "accreditation" to a person that feels so-called ashamed in stating their belief.

And with that said, while you and I obviously do not agree on this subject matter, I DO value and respect your opinion and view/belief.

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment! ♥

Jessica Penot said...

I entirely believe that animals have souls and that they can live on after death. There are even numerous stories of animal ghosts.

Knitman said...

In my experience, animals, at least cats and dogs, do survive physical death just as we do. The idea of an afterlife without animals is preposterous!

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