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Saturday, July 3, 2010

The "livliest" 'Ghost Town' you will ever step in to...

Let's take a small trip. Back in to another time. Another realm. Another way of life. To the past.

For a few years in my teens, I had lived in the Reno/Carson City area of Nevada. It was quite nice, to tell the truth. Barely any humidity. Air quality was nice, too.

Back in the 1960's on television, there was a Western "shoot 'em up" show called 'Bonanza'. It centered around a man and his three sons back in the late 1800's, during the Gold Rush days in the Sierra Nevada's. Including a city called Virginia City.

Yes, there REALLY IS a town named Virginia City in Nevada, out in the hills of the Reno/Carson basin. And it's still lively today, as it was in it's hay day. Although it is considered a tourist attraction these days. But many upon many of the ORIGINAL structures (including their "birth" names) are still up and in use today in our modern age.

And it is said to be a Ghost Town. Not in the abandoned since. Not in the least bit. But in the literal since. As in the ghostly realm and hauntings since.

Including the town primary cemetery. And the town's cathedral. Oh, and don't forget the Art School that was once a hospital for the wounded and dying Civil War Soldiers. Then, there are a couple of haunted Saloons and restaurants. Pretty much anywhere you go in Virginia City, you will hear tales of the Spirit kind.

Now, sit back and relax. Watch a few videos from my old "home town" of Virginia City and gawk at a few pictures. Take that trip back in time. Where the West was wild and the women were fast (not necessarily easy).

***This is a 4-part-series, and I am providing the first two. If you wish to view more, then go over to YouTube and type in Haunted Nevada. Virginia City *IS* covered in this show's episode. Just watch and keep an eye out for it.

I've been inside many of the places, including the church and the cemetery when I lived there, and visited on trips back home. I've also on more than one occasion felt eyes peering at me when no one (living) was around. I felt presences. I've heard voices and things while in certain buildings that shouldn't be there. Even in broad daylight. Especially in areas where it was not allowed for (living) people to go. They were restricted, cordoned off areas.

Maybe one day soon, I will tell my tales of all I have seen and heard. But for now, just relish on the trip you had taken back in to another time. And maybe even watch a bit of 'Bonanza'. Gotta love Little Joe!

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