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Friday, June 25, 2010

Paranormal, ghostly pictures.

Okay, I have apparently caught now a couple of REALLY strange photos with my cell's camera. One I can post now. The other though, I still have to Upload from my phone.

In the one I am about to place up, there was NOTHING there at the time that either myself or my five-year-old had seen. In fact, as you will tell by the picture, she look right at me, smiling as I snapped the shot. And I saw NOTHING from the corner of my eye.

Some people think it's my mother. Some feel it's a man. Some think it may even be my thumb.

I know for certain, it's not a finger or thumb in the way. Be it mine or someone else's. No other people were in the kitchen when this was taken. And the lens of the camera is on the TOP side of the phone. I have to press OK to snap the pictures. So, my hand in NO WAY is in this shot.

You be the judge. And feel free to also post your pictures here in the comments, and over at ParanorMel over at Facebook.


Cassie said...

My husband said fore finger... he doesn't believe in anything after death so we don't listen to him on much :D I think it kind really looks like an arm. I guess if you were trying really hard and were fast it could be a finger.... Given your situation, personally I would opt for it not being an finger. We're arguing about it now lmao!

pr0udmom0f3 said...

LOL @ Cassie... Like I said in the actual post, there is no way it is my finger.

I used my camera FLIP cell phone.

The lens is on the TOP portion of the phone while the camera is in use. No way my finger or thumb can be on/in front of the lens.

I have to press OK on the BOTTOM half of the phone to snap the picture.

And no one but she and I were in the kitchen that day. At least at that moment in time.

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