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Friday, May 14, 2010

Children and the Paranormal World

Often times, when small children come to their parents, claiming that they have seen something that is not "normal", or hear odd noises, such as scratching, footsteps, or voices from an indescribable place, parents often tell said child that they were just dreaming, hearing things, or having an over-active imagination.

But when is it TRULY one of those types of situations above, and when is it REALLY something more than just what "meets the eyes/ears"? Or any other senses, for that matter?

I remember as a small child (speaking of ages eight, when my experiences began, to up around twelve years of age), I was just too plain scared to say anything, for fear of not being believed. I said something ONE time, only to be told I was dreaming or imagining things. When I *knew* that there was more to it, than just my imagination and Dream-like fantasy areas of my brain being in overdrive.

These days, I still have experiences with the Other Side. Believe me, or not. That is up to each individual reader. But so do two of my three children at this point. One of them being ten, the other just turning nine last month.

I've heard them speak of voices, seeing apparitions (either in part, like an arm, or whole and full-bodied spirits), hearing steps and seeing a door close when no wind was around.

In those times that my children come running to me, to tell me that they experienced an 'odd' occurrence, I listen intently, making sure that they aren't 'rushing' through their story, then give my take on what may have happened and what to do (or not do, be it the case).

I'm not one to just brush it off (so to speak) or feel that it's just their imagination running wild. Why? Because I have seen with all three of my children, the wonders of their openness to what may lay on another parallel that we really have not much understanding or knowledge of. Since they were babies, I noted "strange" giggles, facial expressions and reactions that my (then) babies had. They were not just gas, relieving themselves in their diapers, and "basic communication" with what would be thought of as an "imaginary" friend. I really, and truly felt that they were communicating with those that even I, a believer of such things, could not see or hear.

So, yes, I do believe that children, especially of the smaller variety, can see and hear (maybe even physically experience as well) ghosts (or spirits, if that's your name for them) more so than us adults can.

Why? Because they are innocent creatures, untainted (at that point of youth) by societies (and parental) views of ghosts/spirits/hauntings/Paranormal Subjects not being "real" or of worldly acceptance. We, as their parents (most of us, anyways) have taught our children that it's "all in their head" and that other people will think that you are "crazy" for believing and talking of such things. Which, at least in my case, in my home, is not the case.

It all honestly depends on each individual, their upbringing, personal conviction, their belief system and their personal acceptance of such matters. And how they feel to teach the future generation of society in the subject, as well.


singedwingangel said...

As a mom to 3 kids who have all been witness to paranormal things, one who still does have the moments of view. I NEVER tell them it is all in their heads. I have experienced too much to ignore it.

Dee said...

I love that you are giving your kids an open line of communication where they feel comfortable talking about these things!

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