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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Animals and the Paranormal

Do you have a cat or a dog? Have they acted 'funny', especially at night (or ANY time of day, really)? I'm not talking basic, everyday antics and silliness. I'm speaking of all-out psychotic-type activity.

Severe scratching at the door, wall, window or carpet. Non-stop pacing and whining or mewing. The animal's inability to stay in one certain room for a variable length of time (less than three minutes). Growling/barking/hissing at 'nothing but thin air'.

These are supposed traits of animals that are experiencing psychic phenomenon with another plane of existence. With the ghostly world.

When I was a teenager, about fifteen, my dad and my then-step-mother were living together in the house where I had my very first experience. She was deaf, and so she had added to the family, a beautiful Golden-Red Retriever dog named Ginger. That (grown) puppy and I fell instantly in love with one another and were not very inseparable after we got to know one another and they (the dog and my step-mom) moved in with myself, my dad and my Nana.

Not too long after the adjustment period, Ginger started displaying strange characteristics. She wanted to chill out with me pretty much anywhere I was within the home or outside, even. No matter where I was. With the exception of one particular area.

My room (at that time). By then, I was in the bedroom that was straight across from the bathroom. It was the smallest of all three rooms of the home. And it was where my Grandmother resided, and my Nana slept when she would visit in the days before the loss of my mom and grandma.

Be it day or night, Ginger could NEVER stand being in my room. It didn't matter what time it was. It didn't matter why I was there. She could never be coaxed in to staying in the room with me. Not by my self, my step-mother, my father. No one. She would instantly shake and whimper. Then, if the door was closed, she would scratch frivolously at it. Until someone unlatched the handle and then Ginger would go flying out the door and hide in my parent's room, or go behind the couch in the living room.

Also, I noted, she would stare at one particular area of that room. The corner right at the door way of the entrance of the bedroom, and where the right corner of the closet was. It was the same exact area that I always felt "creeped out" by.

Can animals really sense the "unknown" of another world from which our energy transcends time and space? Do they have a sixth sense as us humans claim to have, to feel, hear, and see people from another realm or plane of existence?

Personally, I think that they certainly can, and do have the ability. And being that they are animals, they are not restricted by society's rules of what is Politically Correct and real (or not real). I have been able to experience with my own eyes, the fear and awe an animal can (and does) have where ghosts, spirits, and hauntings are concerned.

Ginger, I found out several years later, after my dad's divorce, had finally passed away. She had to be humanely euthanized, due to severe medical problems. Problems, that if they were allowed to continue to attack her, would have made her life unbearable and extremely painful.

But, she was my protector. Well, except when it came to my bedroom. Then, she was just a fraidi-cat.


Dee said...

I do believe animals can sense things. As you said, people are taught to grow up and not discuss certain topics. Animals aren't.

Cassie said...

We often lived in very old homes growing up and our pets also refused to frequent certain areas. I believe animals are sensitive to the other side but also more aware of the degrees of good and evil even among the living. If your dog hates your boyfriend there could be a reason. :)

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