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Friday, January 20, 2012

Shadow Games

Shadow. That's the name of one of my three cats. He isn't all black, but is mostly covered in black fur. He actually got his name thanks to chasing his shadow and one time as a small kitten, jumping AT the wall to catch it. Only he got his bell rung.

But this isn't about Shadow, the kitty. This is about shadows in the hallway near my children's bedrooms.

Last week, after the kids were all in bed, and were INDEED sleeping, I went down stairs to watch some television and hang out with my husband for a while before it was time to go to bed ourselves.

Before finally deciding it was time to get some z's, I had to make a trip upstairs to take my nightly medication and use the uh... little lady's room.

I'd just gotten to the landing and then the first couple of steps, when I peered up, where the door to the basement was only partially open. And I don't know why, seeing as usually, I am looking DOWN at the steps (bad eye, so cautious).

Suddenly, I catch a glimpse of what appeared to be "shadow feet" moving along the underneath of my door (it's set a bit too high up in to the frame, so you can see underneath the door fairly well).

With the door partway open, I noticed the feet, and even some "shadow legs" moving somewhat steadfast past on the wall. It's as if someone had been coming out of my son's room, in a quick-walking manner. The bathroom light was on. If it weren't for it being so, I can guarantee that I would never have been none the wiser.

The feet made NO noise whatsoever. No breeze was felt. Just the sight of shadows.

No, I wasn't scared. Surprised, yes. But not frightened. I still got up the stairs, went about my business and then back down to go to bed.

At some point, I am hoping to buy a digital recorder and at first just place it up in the attic, seeing as I always feel uneasy up there. Even in the daytime. I want to see what kinds of things I could maybe pick up.

Then, eventually, I'd life to do an EVP session up there, in my son's room, and in the family area of the basement.

Am I scared? No. Nervous? Yes. Because I am a tad bit worried in regards to what type of answers or responses I may end up getting. But my son deserves to be able to sleep in his room at night without worrying.

Shadows, including an arm and a hand, as well as a full-body shadow has been claimed to be seen at night, including by my oldest (who is very matter-of-fact and doesn't take to playing things up).

I have had a child-cousin witness the doorknob of the attic door (with it being locked up via padlocking) turn and shake. As did one of my son's friends.

Also, my son's room remains MUCH colder than any other area of the house. And that includes the basement. Even in the summertime, it is relatively noticeable.

My husband and I have both in the past came face-to-face with either a shadow person, or a shadow fog/mist. And on both occasions, in OUR bedroom, late at night.

Someone... or something is trying REALLY hard to get noticed. For what reason, I have not a clue. Plus, the cousin in question has seen a shadow figure in the attic, according to her (again, not one to lie or embellish). And she described what my son has seen in the past.


Skullborous said...

Spooky, Do you know the history of your house?

Not a Perfect Mom said...

my husband grew up in a haunted house..his tales are chilling

Missy said...

I don't know very much at all about the house, other than a lady died here YEARS earlier (months before my in-laws rented it, which was at least 17 years ago). Plus it was moved here from it's previous location that's not but maybe a five minute walk from where the house sits now.

Patty said...

I'd be curious about the lady who passed; the circumstances and the date. Maybe even dates in her life, occasions; times that she might come looking for someone she left behind.

Very interesting. Would love for you to set up a digital recorder. Wonder if setting up a baby monitor in the attic that you could tune-in to might be an idea, as well.

Missy said...

The one thing that correlates to what a female friend sensed while being here one time, and the child-cousin had seen with her own eyes, by her admission, was a tall man's shadow in the attic over near the side with barely anything over there being stored.

He had a wide-brimmed-looking and tall "hat" and she felt like he was mad that she was there. Basically she could see the outer edges of the hat on the sides of the shadow and the height.

I get those same uneasy, unwanted, angry feelings when I am up there. And that includes during the daytime.

Patty said...

Is there any way to get some type of family history? Property deeds, marriage or other records? Possibly, this man might be the husband of the woman who died in the house. Maybe there are issues about her death that this man is seeking closure on or he might represent a more sinister role in her passing. That could account for the sense of anger that is felt. He is either grieving or...guilty.

Missy said...

To me it's more of a territorial thing. Like he doesn't WANT us living in HIS home. I credit him with pushing me down the stairs the first week we moved in.

My oldest took the EXACT same tumble just bout a year or a little more earlier when my in-laws were still living in the house.

Even then, something felt off. When we came to visit, I avoided my son's room, and the attic as much as I could.

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