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Friday, August 5, 2011

Demonic Haunting, or extremely good fakery?

Watch this video in it's entirety and then leave YOUR opinion/judgement in the comment area.

**Please remember!!**... In this subject field, there is NO right or wrong answer. To debate the topic and video is one thing, but please DO NOT ATTACK one another in the comments section. We all have a right to our own PERSONAL views and opinions. Thanks.

As for myself, the first portion of the video, where the man is seemingly hung in the owner's attic is HIGHLY believable. And I feel it is good video evidence of demonic activity and spiritual hauntings.

The next segment of the dining table is sketchy to me. It seems staged.

As for the chair (white area) and the sheet rock, THAT is amazing, and scary at the same time. And more believable than the dining room area.

As for the WARREN segment, it too is difficult for me to believe. Why? Because for most of the time, you do NOT see but ONE person out of all that are in the room on the tape, as they are "communicating" through knocking. And how in the hell is a 10-year-old able to be SO calm while a poltergeist moves her chair as she (calmly) does her homework. Hmmm...


Mr. Macabre said...

That was great! I have trouble believing the little girl doing her homework while a spirit is moving her chair too. Most kids that I have known would have been in hysterics.

The guy getting hung in the attic is freaky!

Missy said...

The look on that guy's face was of sheer (and VERY believable) terror.

And yep, that kid would have wet/crapped her pants, bawling and about hurt herself to run from the room.

Jessica Penot said...

I don't know... the entire thing seems a bit sketchy to me, but it is a fun video.

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