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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Are They Building On HAUNTED Grounds?

In my local news paper, there is talk of a court hearing that is to happen sometime today over the wold-wide known retail chain, WalMart and it's wanting to build "near" a National landmark from the Civil War.

Read the full article HERE...

As most of us know, the Civil War ended up being one of our nation's most bloodiest battles, with hundreds of thousands dead. And this site that the WalMart wishes to build on is certainly one of the bloodiest areas. And to many of us that wish to preserve history, one that should remain untouched and kept as a place of remembrance. Of our history, and of those that fought and died.

It is said that sometimes, when you build on grounds such as this, that you may unintentionally "awaken" the spirits of those that had lost their lives on the grounds some years before.

Take for instance, the infamous story of the haunting of Toys 'R' Us in Sunnyvale, California.

To read in detail about Johnny Johnson, who reportedly haunts the famous toy store and why, READ THIS ARTICLE. And be sure to read BOTH pages, being that the second page speaks of the types of things that happen at the store.

Personally, I do believe that building on ANY kind of "sacred" grounds can have ill effects. For both the living and for those that are still here after their worldly passing.

My family has strong ties to the Civil War, as well as to World War 2, when we went to war with Germany. In both cases, I say leave alone which is to not be touched. To infringe upon THEIR grounds where they fought, suffered and died to me is a disservice to them and to our country as a whole. And it is asking for those that are still restless to come and make their uneasiness well known to the living.

And I'm not one for having a can of peas thrown at me by unseen hands and forces.

*NOTE/DISCLAIMER*... I in no way endorse the Psychic featured here in the following video, Sylvia Browne. I myself even question her authenticity. But this is the best video I can find to at least explain the haunting's history and of what seemingly happens as reported by the (at least then) employees of the store in question. This video, remember is circa 1991.

1 comment:

Just Jen said...

I agree that Wal-Mart should not be able to build there. My family has stong ties to the Civil War, as well, and I feel that it isn't right. That place is a historic place.

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