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Friday, September 17, 2010

Guest Writer, Suzi... Shared Abilities By Blood?

Suzi and I had met on FaceBook, via the "Like" Page for Psychic and Medium, Chip Coffey, who is featured on A&E's 'Psychic Kids' and 'Paranormal State'.

We hit it off pretty instantaneously, her and I, within one of Mr. Coffey's posts where there was a heated argument ensuing. Suzi and I 'tag-teamed' and showed a certain other commenter the error of their ways of their words.

For as long as she can remember, Suzi has had Psychic abilities. Now, her daughters have all shown to have psychic gifts as well. They are (to my knowledge from our conversations) the third generation of the females on her mother's side to possess abilities.

Does the following story tell of truth that indeed Psychic and/or Mediumship abilities can and often times do pass on from one generation to the next? Or is it mere a mere fluke of timing on the part of 'who's got it, and who don't'?

You be the judge after reading this from Suzi's own account...

I have been aware of my abilities for a very long time. I hear spirits, have psychic dreams, have a gut instinct that never fails me if I listen. I was in denial for many yrs because my family doesn't believe in afterlife, spirits or psychic abilities. It's happened too many times to deny the validity anymore.

When i became a mom, it never occurred to me, the same gift may be passed to my children... But it did, to each child. Difference is, I am raising my kiddos to believe in the things unseen, to listen to the voice inside.

I used to live in an area in my hometown that was used as a sick bay infirmary back in the 1800's. People went there when they had contagious diseases or were on their death bed. One day, drivng down the hill to my home on the lake, my eldest daughter, then 3, started waving saying "Look momma! A boy in old clothes!" Knowing that noone lived in that particular area & being concerned for a childs safety, I put my car in reverse. Went back & I saw nothing but my head was pounding like I'd been hit.

She still saw him & proceeded to describe him to me. At the time, I believed she had seen a spirit, just didn't know we could help him. Many years have passed since we have lived on that road & bout a month ago, my now 13yr old daughter asked to go back. (see her younger sister was born in that hm w/ my midwife, so she wanted to see it again)

On the way down the hill again, almost instantaneously, we both got an intense pressure headache in the same spot she had seen the boy. We continued to the spot where I birthed my 2nd child, reminisced on the area a bit & then started our way back up the hill. But, before we did, I talked to her like Chip would on the Psychic kids show.

I parked the SUV right in the spot, w/ returned headaches & all. Then we both spoke both out loud & under our breath to the spirits of the boy & any other lost spirits there.

"Basically, you are dead, you need to grasp the hand of your passed on love one & walk into the light. God will help you from there. Its time to move on.." & so forth.

The pressure began to release slowly but surely. We felt good about what we did that day, but my daughter asked that we not go back...

She said she was she feared returning & didn't want more souls to come to her, it hurt too much. I understood, told her how proud I was of her. She was proud too, that we did it together.

Shes growing up so fast & I have 2 more right behind her & many more stories to tell.... Until next time! :^)

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