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Friday, July 23, 2010

America's Most Haunted Places (video, documentary)

I'd lived and visited my fair share of haunted places. And I have visited my fair share of various "supposedly haunted" places as well. Homes, abandoned buildings, busy stores, tourist towns.

I've never truly gone "looking for trouble" or for ghosts. But I had been attracted to certain places and sometimes, the ghosts happened to be attracted to me.

There are not many true-blue videos out there that TRULY do document REAL hauntings. There are many that are "chop shopped" to just post something and draw attention to the one that supposedly "caught" something.

Then, there are those videos that REALLY do capture something truly out of the ordinary and is honestly unexplainable.

EVP's (or Electronic Voice Phenomenon) are some of the most fascinating and mysterious of videos I have ever laid my eyes upon. Or my ears, for that matter.

And I just love documentaries about different places that claim they are haunted. I love hearing about the history of each place, seeing what things might have been like "back in the day" when the "haunters" were still a part of our realm, as to why they feel that they must remain today.

Enjoy this forty-six minute documentary and feel free to discuss it in the comments. I have come to enjoy this show's YouTube Channel.

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