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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Shadow People and Masses

Shadow people can come in different forms. Some have the shape of a real, live person. Some come in the form of a black mass or gas blob. In some you can see their eyes. In others, you can make a feature or two out.

No matter how these 'things' appear, it can be and often is a very frightening experience for those that are unlucky enough to see one.

One very early morning, when my husband was having to work the 'graveyard' shift (as in third shift, starting at eleven at night, until seven or so in the morning), I thought that he had come home early. Maybe he was feeling ill and came home to get some rest. Or he had too many hours docked up, so they sent him home, as to not go too far over in Overtime.

So, obviously at about four or so in the morning, as the basement foyer's light was shining through my bedroom door, I thought nothing of it when I saw the dark male figure standing in the doorway, blocking some of the light from coming in.

After looking straight at my "husband", it hit me as soon as I lay back down my on the pillow. He never said a word, and he stared at me, though I never saw his eyes, nor his face. It felt for that brief moment that his eyes were piercing through me. Plus, he never came to bed. And knowing him, he would have done all those things after making note to me that he was home and why.

After I turned to look at who I thought was my husband again, he (it, really) was no longer there. This is when I awoke more clearly. Because for him, all of what I described above was greatly out of character for him.

When I got up, I immediately went in to the family area, also in the basement to check on him. No one was there. Then I traveled upstairs. After looking in the bathroom, the living room, the dining area, and the kitchen, still I had not seen a soul. Well, not the living kind, anyways.

I'd even went as far as looking in to the kids' rooms. All three of them were sound asleep. And I knew it couldn't be them, being that who I had seen was almost six-feet-tall, broad shouldered, and skinny, but stalky.

In what seemed like forever, I was finally done with my search, only to find no one but myself up walking around the house. This is when it had finally also dawned on me. I had my very first encounter with a Shadow Person.

Now, note that while my husband doesn't brush me off, or think of me as a loon, knowing what I have experienced, and knowing what 'gifts' I have, he is still pretty much a skeptic. But none the less, he is not as much of a skeptic these days.

A few weeks later, after my experience, he told me one of his own. And mind you, I never made mention of my previous visit from The Other Side.

My husband relayed his experience to me about a week after it happened. I can't say if it was out of fear of what he went through, and was still trying to process it in his mind. Or if he was worried about having to admit that he finally got what he "wished" for, as a skeptic. That is, he has to see it, to believe it when it comes to the Spiritual Realm.

When he had gotten the courage to tell me, his story went like this...

He was laying in bed one night, a few weeks after I had my early-morning visitor, he was just trying to drift off to sleep. He wasn't quite asleep, but not fully awake, either. He was just laying there, with me quietly dreaming as I lay there peacefully beside him.

Finally, he drifted off to a nice slumber. But then he awoke very suddenly with a feeling of dread and the inability to move. In the darkness of our room, with all lights off throughout the basement, and a crack of light coming through one of our bedroom windows, he noticed, floating above him, a deeply black mass, like a gas cloud above him.

My husband said that he tried as hard as he possibly could to move, but he was seemingly, completely paralyzed. He also was not able to speak as this cloud was hovering over his body. And during the whole entire incident, he said that I stayed asleep, never once even moving or turning over.

As soon as this shadow cloud mass disappeared before his eyes, my husband said that he was finally able to move, and to speak. He said that he got up and went upstairs after that. And that is where I did find him the following morning. On the couch, just awaking. He claimed at that point that he just couldn't sleep, being that our room felt stuffy.


Shadow people (also known as shadow figures, shadow beings, shadow men, or shadow folk) are supernatural shadow-like figures of both modern folklore and paranormal popular culture that believers describe as dark humanoid forms or evasive specters that are seen mostly in peripheral vision.

Scientific explanations

Several principles based in science can be used to explain reports of shadow people, including optical illusions or hallucinations brought on by physiological/psychological circumstances, drug use, and the interaction of external agents on the human body.

When a specific region of the brain called the left temporoparietal junction is stimulated, it can create the illusion of a shadow person.

Images seen in peripheral areas of vision can be caused by pareidolia, a condition in which the brain incorrectly interprets random patterns of light/shadow or texture as being familiar patterns such as faces and human forms. The same condition can also be observed in macular vision in low light conditions, or when viewing a complex but random image. A common example would be perceiving a shadow, thrown by an item of furniture in a darkened room, as being a person.

Hypnagogia, also known as "waking-sleep", a physiological condition in which a person is part-way between sleeping and waking, can also account for such perceptions.[12] During hypnagogia, a person can be conscious and aware of their environment, but also in a dream-like state where they can perceive images from their subconscious. People experiencing waking-sleep commonly report the sensation of lights or shadows moving around them, as well as other visual hallucinations. A feeling of dread is also a sensation that occurs when experiencing hypnagogia. Hypnagogia is sometimes known as 'the faces in the dark phenomenon' because those who experience this state commonly report seeing faces while experiencing waking-sleep. Similar hypotheses have been put forward linking this condition to a number of other apparent paranormal experiences, including alien abductions, paranormal nocturnal visitations, and religious experiences such as contact with angels or demons.

                       This picture, though a drawing, is a good example of a Shadow Person, which is what I had seen that early morning, thinking that my husband came home early from work.

            Yes, it is a picture interpretation of a Space Nebula. But if you take that BLUE gas mass, and make it black, and remove it's surroundings, then this is what my husband basically had seen hovering over him as he laid in the bed that night, by his description and detail.


Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

Holy Crap! This just clarifies I was not nuts as a kid...damn. That grey sparkly mass...the voice being taken away...omg I am totally freaked out now!

Crazy that I JUST commented my story in the previous post before reading this...

pr0udmom0f3 said...

LMAO!! And I just commented back on that post about it sounding like a shadow mass. We is goofy! (=

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