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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I've known for quite some time that I have an extra kid in my home. In all honesty, for at least the last four years maybe even five. And this child is unique in every conceivable way, might I add.

The child isn't your average, run-of-the-mill kid either. She is cute. Blond, curly hair. A giggle that makes you giggle as well. Mischievous as can be at times. And she can even break your heart every so often. Or surprise you by running past the corner of your eye, naked as a jay bird.

See, she is not of this world. At least not any longer. She is no more than about three years old, by her height, and her voice. She is a ghost/spirit. And every so often, both here in my current home, as well as at our old dwelling, she makes her presence known to myself, as well as to two of my children (namely the older ones).

Over the years, she has cried from loneliness, called out to "Mommy" and "Daddy" (in which my ever-so skeptic of a husband too has heard), we have heard her footsteps throughout the homes, I have endured more than once, the opening and shutting of my screen doors. And as of late, the pounding on my heavy doors to get our attention.

Does she scare me or my children? No. The three of us know she is here and that she is lonely, and only seeking attention and love. Why she remains here of course is still a mystery. And to this day, I credit her for forcing my youngest (while at the old place) to stay remaining upside down on the couch (as she NEVER had trouble of getting up before or since) until I yelled for whomever it was to let her go.

I've been told by someone's wife, who is a self-proclaimed sensitive/intuitive (and whom shall remain nameless, being that I do not have their written permission to post either of their names) that the little girl's name is Jenny. And that Jenny, for some reason is attracted to being with me and my family. There is something that she likes about us. Myself primarily.

We've been her company and her family for all this time. I have tried talking to Jenny before and asking her what she needed or wanted. I told her that there was a better place than here for her, and that I'm sure that her REAL parents were waiting for her to go home to the light.

But that all was to no avail. For Jenny is still with us and still the prankster she has always been. Though, she stayed quietly within the veil for sometime, only to recently start up her antics once again. This time, not just with me, but with the older two as well. While at times (like when I was in the shower yesterday and heard the LOUD banging on a door) it can be a bit unnerving and unsettling, my kids are getting used to the strange and unknown things happening with no just cause.

We are all taking the strange and unusual in stride. My kids don't tell many friends about their unique home, and their unique life. Which to me is smart. As a kid, I lost so many friends over my ability to feel, hear and occasionally see ghosts. And these days, Jenny is a part of our family. The only really good part about having a fourth, "adopted" child in this manner is that I don't have to pay a dime to support her.

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Dee said...

This made me sad. Such a beautiful, fun loving child....she needs to move on.

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